What You Need To Know About SAFe Certification Exams

The sole aim of Scaled Agile Framework, known by some as SAFe is to help an organization move from its current practices to more agile and lean practices, free from the command and control mindset. Convincing an organization to shift from its practices to agile ones if you do not have proof of having studied these lean practices can be a nightmare. SAFe has proven to be effective in various areas of an organization such as project management and software development.

People with SAFe certifications are highly sought after today. SAFe certification exams will take your career to the next level if you are in IT. SAFe will allow agile development teams to come up with whatever a business needs whenever it needs it. This is crucial for organizations that want to expand. The scaled agile framework is necessary in an organization because of its ability to handle complex system development projects. SAFe is important for other reasons such as improved quality, improved productivity, improved job satisfaction, increased employee engagement and reduced marketing time. View this link

To sit for a SAFe certification exam, you need to have a great understanding of Scrum and have experience in things such project management, product management, business analysis or software development and testing. This article aims at looking inti SAFe certification exams in detail.

If you are looking to get SAFe certified, one exam you have to sit for is the Leading SAFe 4 With SA Certification. Individuals who pass this exam know how to not only identify lean and agile values but also how to use them in existing projects and hence create an agile portfolio.

You also have to sit for the Implementing SAFe 4 With Safe program Consultant Certification. You will have to get in-depth knowledge on Agile architecture, Agile portfolio management and Agile architecture. Those who pass this exam become certified SAFeAgilists. See more on safe practitioner certification

The SAFe 4 Product Manager is another SAFe Certification exam. For you to sit for this exam, you are required to have other SAFe certifications as well as have experience working in a SAFe environment. To pass this exam one needs to know how to manage stakeholders, understand the role of product owners and product managers, deliver software features and manage backlogs.

All SAFe certification exams have the same format. The only differences lie in the passing grade and the requirements one needs to have satisfied before sitting for the different exams. SAFe certification exams are web based and very strict since nobody ai allowed to leave the SAFe Community platform once they start writing the exam or open another browser. Discover more on
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